I am Rob Comber. I am an Associate Professor in Communication and Docent in Human-Computer Interaction with specialisation in Communication and Sustainability at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I work in the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design in the Institute of Human-Centred Technology.

I am an Applied Psychologist by training and a Human-Computer Interaction researcher. I have primarily been interested in social and collective uses of technology, researching topics including democracy, social justice, environmental sustainability, and food.

My research covers a wide range of application areas, including in civic or government organisations, education, public and personal health, and environmental sustainability. The broad range of topics is due in part to my interest in topics where technology is used by a group of people to achieve a shared collective goal.

My work in these settings has often involved interview studies and design workshops. Interviews have helped me to understand how and why people use or do not use technologies in certain practices, such as getting food for their family. Design studies have helped to bring together groups to help define their shared goals, how they might want to achieve them, and how technology can be designed to support them.

A design workshop with older adults.

I am currently working on three funded research projects:

I have also recently participated in the following projects: